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General Introduction
Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center (SEMC) is one of the leading environmental monitoring centers in China, providing analytical services to government, industry and the private sector. SEMC has been serving as the primary source of environmental data to Shanghai Municipal Government since its establishment in 1983. Since China opened the door to the international community, SEMC has participated in and completed a number of environmental projects funded by the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and foreign governments.

Besides serving local clients, SEMC has also been serving multinational companies on Environmental Impact Studies and Baseline Studies for new joint-venture or wholly-owned facilities, and providing ongoing environmental monitoring for established JV companies.

SEMC is also a center of Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Network that comprises over 20 monitoring stations in all the metropolitan districts in Shanghai. With a vast database of environmental data and wide range of environmental analytical capabilities, with internationally and nationally recognized certifications, SEMC is well positioned to serve your needs in environmental testing and industrial hygiene analyses.

SMEC offers a wide range of services, including

· Organic, inorganic, physical, biological and industrial hygiene measurements on a variety of matrices;
· Sampling service;
· Analytical feasibility assessment and consultation;
· Quality Assurance and Quality Control in conformance with ISO Guide 25;
· Sampling Planning, technical assistance and preparation;
· On-site monitoring and analysis.